About Us

Sac Dance Lab is Sacramento’s leader in dance training including styles like hip hop, heels, jazz, contemporary and jazz funk dance classes in beginning to advanced levels. With a focus on industry styles and professional dance advocacy, Sac Dance Lab is a unique, boundless place to train for aspiring and professional dancers, while welcoming non-professional enthusiasts. Our classes are taught by dance industry leaders including NFL, NBA and commercial choreographers from around California.

Our Culture

Sac Dance Lab enforces a positive, judgement-free environment for dancers of all levels to grow and realize their potential. It’s our goal for recreational, aspiring and current professional dancers to feel comfortable and supported while in our space. Diversity is our strength!

Our Team

Owners Isela Perez and Brandon Ortiz opened Sac Dance Lab in January 2017 with the mission to provide affordable, immersive and quality dance training to the Sacramento area.

Isela’s 21-year background as a commercial dancer and choreographer led her to develop an adult program focused on commercial dance training, a rare find in Sacramento. Within its first two years of beginning instruction, Sac Dance Lab helped train over 50 dancers to become professional performers for the NBA, NFL and within the mainstream commercial dance industry. After three years focusing on adult training, Isela’s next goal is to provide the same type of affordable program for youth.

In addition to offering quality dance instruction, Isela and Brandon are focused on creating the first-ever Smart Studio, a performance training space designed to simulate the stage. Seamless technology allows for instructors to customize the audio/lighting experience for their class, including effects like fog, projection, spotlights and LED installations. We believe an immersive experience is not only energizing, it brings the best out of each dancer!

Brandon, a software engineer and performing arts advocate has over 20 years of developing cutting-edge technology. In addition to designing and building out each of Sac Dance Lab’s studio spaces, he developed custom, immersive technology for Sac Dance Lab and its community, making the studio a unique, immersive place to train.

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